Final Major Project:

My final major project is  based in the historical town of Christchurch, the proposal features a temporary Historic festival within the site of the medieval ruins of Christchurch Castle & Norman House.


This pavilion aims to promote the historical importance of the town, with exhibitions and workshops based on medieval traditions and trades native to the local area.


Within the Norman House ruins is a temporary timber structure, housing exhibitions over three levels. One of the main concepts of this structure is to enhance the visitor experience of the ruins and provide new perspectives of the site.  This is achieved through the use of walkways and balconies with focused viewing points, showcasing surrounding views and historical landmarks, like the nearby Priory.

The section drawing  shows the form of the site and focuses on the wind movement, as it speeds up over the hill the trees act as a wind breaker before reaching the main site and bowling green. The site drawing below shows the sun path in Summer and the direction of prevailing winds, along with the routes around the site for pedestrians and vehicles.

The physical model shows the structure within the Norman House ruins. All elements are hand-made, the existing stone masonry was created from carving into Kapa Line foam-board and painted with acrylics. The  proposed floors and walls are made from stained balsa wood.


The model aims to show the form and structure, along with the contrast between old and new and the materials, timber and stone.

The site master-plan shows the proposed structures for Christchurch History Festival, in context with the surrounding area. The layout, route and positioning of buildings reflects the site as it was in 12th century as a medieval settlement.


The festival includes a theatre and auditorium space for historic related performances and events.  Alongside  exhibitions focused on communicating the historical importance of Christchurch and the  castle.

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Limmara Kimberley 2018