AUB+ Section render showing all spaces, education design workshops, exhibition display areas, the theatre space and offices.

Isometric section render of the exhibition displays using LED lighting to separate courses and exhibits. Also assisting with way finding.

Isometric line drawing, spatial planning over three floors. Considering skylights and atrium's to bring out the potentials of the site & proposed spaces.

Theatre & Auditorium perspective section render, showing the lighting and design of the  acoustic reflectors.

Theatre & Auditorium  render, showing the three levels. The stage, auditorium, bar area and walkway.

Foamboard section model showing form, construction & levels.


Contemporary Environments:

Software used: Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign.


Within this project I designed a complex showcasing the facilities and talent within the Arts University Bournemouth. The proposal includes learning spaces to open up design education to the public and a large exhibition space, to showcase work from all university courses.


Another main component of the complex is a performance theatre space, spanning over three floors. I focused on architectural aspects to control noise and acoustics, including ceiling reflectors with built in lighting. A foam board section model was created to show these aspects.

Lighting Plan: Theatre & Auditorium

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